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    Kylie Cancer Survivor Invents Chemo Backpack to Help Friends
    Welcome to
    IV Pediatric Backpack for Kids with Cancer
    Kylie is determined to make this a reality and
    see the I.V. backpack in children's hospitals
    throughout the U.S., maybe throughout the world.
    Building a prototype, requires an enormous amount
    of money so please help Kylie reach her goal!

Kylie 13yr old Cancer Survivor NEEDS funding to create a WORKING Prototype!

Kylie is an 13yr old Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer survivor who was diagnosed in March of 2011. After chemotherapy and radiation treatments Kylie is now Cancer Free.

  GoFundMe Campaign

Kylie Simonds from Inman, South Carolina

was given a school assignment to invent something that solves an everyday problem, she didn’t go the typical route of building a baking soda volcano or potato-powered light bulb. Instead, she drew from her personal experience with cancer to provide a helpful tool for kids battling debilitating illnesses. And though it might look like a simple backpack, it’s actually much more.
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The IV Backpack for Kids With Cancer

... “I always tripped over all the wires,” she said in the interview. “It was hard to walk around, and I always had to have someone push it for me because I was kind of weak when I was in chemo.” From this problem, the IV Pediatric Backpack for Kids with Cancer was conceived.
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The Design

The design incorporates an I.V. pole with a drip bag protection cage. This cage is customizable with different shapes, like hearts, peace signs, etc. This also makes treatment less scary like current I.V. poles which are very intimidating to young children. The protection cage is also removable and can be replaced with a child's choice of design. If they receive two different medicines or a transfusion and medicine they can add a second cage.

Kylie's Plan & Contact Info

Please help Kylie reach her goal. You can learn more about Kylie on Facebook if you search for "Courage For Kylie", her facebook page for support while she was receiving treatment.

Please help Kylie spread the word...

Keep up to date with each phase on this website and on Kylie's GoFundMe page. Donations in excess of any goal will go towards the manufacturing of the FIRST usable IV backpacks. EVERY PENNY! A huge THANK YOU to each person who has already donated and also shared Kylie's story. THANK YOU to each news source who has already feautured Kylie and please continue to spread the word to help her help KIDS WITH CANCER!